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In June 2011, a Newsweek article said the Mormon Church – officially called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) – “resembles a sanctified multinational corporation” and Mormonism had become “the General Electric of American religion” since “its founding 181 years ago in upstate New York.”

In July 2012, Businessweek published an in-depth report about the Mormon Church, including information about its many corporations, lack of financial transparency, and huge annual income. The news piece, which is online, said that “a recent investigation by Reuters in collaboration with [University of Tampa] sociology professor [Ryan] Cragun estimates that the LDS Church is likely worth $40 billion today and collects up to $8 billion in tithing each year.”

What the Newsweek and Businessweek pieces did not report, but hundreds of historical documents and published scientific findings have revealed, is that since its inception the Latter-day Saint Church has systematically misled more than 15 million people worldwide and taken approximately $200 billion from them as duped members.

Indisputably, Mormonism is the largest fraud in U.S. history. No wonder the LDS organization has been “losing a record number of its membership”, quoting an online ABC News report.

In “Latter-day Saint Swindle: The Mormon Church’s $200-Billion Scam”, Blair Watson, a former member who works as a journalist and contributing editor for news providers and publishers on three continents, explains the genesis and evolution of the LDS con since the 1820s.

Watson also describes how Latter-day Saint indoctrination has been routinely used since the 19th century to mislead potential converts to the religion and deceive members around the globe throughout their lives.

“Latter-day Saint Swindle: The Mormon Church’s $200-Billion Scam” pulls back the curtain – as much as it is possible, given the organization’s financial opacity, particularly in the United States where it is headquartered – on the enormous wealth accumulated by the LDS corporate conglomerate.

Watson’s extensive research since 1992 and writing over two and a half years have resulted in a unique and highly informative volume about Mormonism. The book includes 41 pages of notes and references.

Anyone with an interest in the LDS Church and religion will benefit from reading “Latter-day Saint Swindle: The Mormon Church’s $200-Billion Scam.”

Table of contents:


Chapter 1: “Hail to the Prophet”

Chapter 2: Mystical Beings from the Kolob Extraterrestrial Neighborhood

Chapter 3: First Visions, a Mystical Amphibian, the Book of Gold, and a Dead Swede

Chapter 4: The Book of Mormon - Part I: Holding Up the Latter-day Saint Belief Arch

Chapter 5: The Book of Mormon - Part II: More of the Unbelievable in Ancient America

Chapter 6: Premortal Existence, the Swede’s Three Heavens, and Wicked Outer Darkness

Chapter 7: Cain’s Cursed Seed, Sacred Little Factories, and the Bedeviled Missouri River

Chapter 8: Blood Atonement, the Celestialized Earth, and America on the Brink

Chapter 9: Mormon Polygamy: Joseph Smith’s Infamous ‘Legacy’

Chapter 10: Get Endowed and Sealed and Work in Mormon Temples for the Dead

Chapter 11: The Psychological Effects of Cultic Mormonism: Reinforcing the LDS Fraud

Chapter 12: Raking in Billions: The Mormon Scam and Corporate Empire

Notes and References